Repairs and Restoration


Repairs can be a tricky thing. Do you fix what is broken, restore it to near original or maybe just stay the damage. We have debates about whether it is still the same old book if after fixing it most of it is new material. We can can have philosophical discussions all day about that but in the end it doesn’t really matter. You just want your book fixed! That we can do.

Repairs can be anything from tipping in a few pages that have fallen out to making a new case and encompass most of the “restoration” work that is done. Restorations are more complex and usually involves keeping as much of the original as possible, blending the new with the old. The entire book may need re-stitching or just new leather or cloth on the spine and corners.
We do a variety of repairs/restorations on small books to large family bibles all year round.

The best way for us to tell you what can be done for your book is to bring it into our shop so we can have a proper look at the damage. if you are unable to come in then Contact us. We usually need to see photos of the damaged areas of the book to give a general quote.

Conservation well that’s an easy one. We don’t do it. Foxing, mould and bookworm holes on your pages? You need a paper conservator not a bookbinder.


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