Bespoke Binding


A humble cloth notebook can be just as beautiful as a leather bound volume in our eyes. The myriad of possibilities that may be had within the format of a book are surprising. From traditional to contemporary we have it covered.

Imagination can run wild here. We’ve made a book with edible paper. Try and top that! Whether you’ve seen a sewn boards binding on the Internet or had a hallucination in the toilet, of a book that has never been invented in 2000 yrs of binding history. We can decipher your goal and guide you into what is possible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
Our ever expanding knowledge of creativity drives our craft. Our bookbinders are creators and artists as well as makers so understand a visual language and how to translate that into a physical object.

Consultations can take place either in our shop, via email or over the phone. Our team understand that it isn’t always about the idea. Cost, time and expectation play vital roles as well. That’s why we will work with you to realise your vision


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